Coping with Allergies

When spring weather comes in, allergy sufferers find themselves often having a hard time. You don’t have to stay in your house all day to avoid these symptoms; there are plenty of options out there to help you control your allergies. read more…

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Blood Donation

People usually think of donating blood when there is an accident or a disaster emergency-but the fact is, all communities need donors all the time.  That is because volunteer donors are America’s only source of blood, it cannot be manufactured.  Although 60% of Americans could give blood, less than 5% actually do.  Patients seldom receive whole blood, but are transfused with the specific blood component they need.  Your single donation can help as many as 4 patients!  Red blood cells must be used within 42 days and platelets within 5 days.  St. Mary’s Regional Blood Center needs 60 donors every day to meet the community’s need for blood and blood components.  In addition to providing blood for St. Mary’s trauma, surgical, and cancer patients, the Center supplies the blood needed at most of the region’s smaller hospitals.  Recipients of these blood and blood components come from all over Western Colorado and Eastern Utah.  To learn more about how you can help, please click on the link below to review St Mary’s guidelines for donations and their bloodmobile and blood donor center schedules.  Remember:  Every Tomorrow Needs a Blood Donor Today!

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Diabetes Management

Diabetes education is the key to preventing complications. Diabetes care includes a comibnation of meal planning, healthy activity, and medications to achieve optimal weight and blood sugar control. Grand River Medical Center offers personalized education for General Diabetes, Meal Planning, Insulin and Glucometer use.

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