Aquatic Therapy Program

Grand River’s aquatic therapy program offers a warm water environment suitable to treat a variety of patients’ needs.  Most common diagnoses include: specific joint pain (both surgical and non-surgical), back pain, balance disturbance, and pain management.

One-on-one physical therapy sessions focus on a patient’s individual functional deficits and lessen painful symptoms by using the advantages of the therapy pool setting.  Benefits of exercising in our warm pool may include: decreased joint compression, encouragment of blood and lymphatic circulation, improved pain control, and increased muscle relaxation.  Aquatic physical therapy is similar to regular PT sessions as it must be prescribed by a physician and be a part of your treating physical therapist’s plan of care.


Once completed with regular physical therapy sessions, GRHD additionally offers two distinct aquatic group programs – Aerobic and Arthritis groups which patients may transition to for continued benefit.


Please contact Grand River Health Rehabilitation Department at 970.625.6451 for more information.

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