Giving Opportunities

Grand River Memorial Trust

How do you help insure your local healthcare facilities will continue to operate and provide excellent health care? How do you say thank you to a physician or nurse? How do you say thank you to the nursing home or hospital staff?

Demonstrative gifts to the Grand River Memorial Trust from patients, their family and friends is an excellent way to say thank you and help to ensure your local healthcare facilities are able to continue to provide excellent health care.

The Grand River Memorial Trust accepts gifts of cash in form of currency, check or credit card. The trust also accepts gifts of appreciated property such as stocks, real estate or other values. Gifts involving wills, trusts and annuities are also wonderful ways to give a monetary gift. Gifts can be restricted for specific support or unrestricted.

Some donations result in attractive tax benefits. Please check with your financial advisor to discuss how donations to the Trust might benefit you.

Show your support for your local healthcare facilities or say thank you to a special staff person by contributing to the Grand River Memorial Trust.

For more information please contact us at 970.625.1510

Our mission is to improve the health and well being of our communities.